A Selection of Language Excellence Testimonials

Christine Martin
Private & Group Class
When I joined one of your beginners group German class I spoke practically no German. After some lessons you suggested that working with one other student could be more beneficial for me than group lessons, so for the remainder of 2016 I studied with one other student. You carefully chose someone who would compliment my own German and during the time we have worked together I have benefitted enormously from our joint lessons. You are an amazing teacher who was able to combine solid Grammar tuition with more informal speaking, listening and creative writing activities where we were able to practise our emerging ability to communicate in German. I particularly appreciated your diagnostic skills in identifying our individual needs and following up any points that needed clarification. When we were recently visited by some distant German relatives, although the younger generation spoke perfect English, their mother was potentially somewhat isolated as she spoke only a few words of English. I was delighted to find that because of your expert tuition, I was able to chat with her on a range of topics.
Adam Truisko
Group Class Student
Learning German with Sibylle at language Excellence is a great choice for everyone from beginner to fluent speaker!
She is a fantastic teacher and she makes learning a second language fun and exciting with a great and easy to follow class structure. I have been going to her classes for about 4 years now and have loved every single class! Highly recommended.
Loma Henry
Private Student
To be able to have a one-on-one with a highly qualified and first-rate native German teacher is what I appreciate the most. At my level, I'm now needing to go the extra distance and endeavour to use a more sophisticated language. Sibylle is providing the material and advice to help me achieve this goal. I also come away from every lesson feeling stimulated and looking forward to the next time. Unlike a class situation where sometimes it is easy to sit back and let someone else do the hard yards of speech making, for me the one-on-one means there is no escaping the effort to communicate and that in itself is a great step forward and what a language is about afterall. Having the teacher to yourself is such an asset and particularly with Sibylle whose general knowledge is so broard. There is also a quiet insistence on speaking and writing grammatically correctly, also such an essential part of learning any language. I was searching on internet and it was by chance that I came across the website which was very well structured and of course when I read the information about Sibylle, it was an easy choice.
Florian Nurman
Group Class Student
Sibylle is a teacher who's passionate in teaching the students the wonderful Germans language, whilst also sharing insights of the German People and Culture . The class atmosphere is warm, engaging, and Sibylle is able to recognize the area where we need to improve. The learning is structured to ensure we learn the intricacies of wide aspects of literature and conversationalist German. Learning with language excellence is fun and definitely has improved my German. Thank you Language Excellence !
Kristy Young, Artist
Group Class Student
"My Partner is German and he is my main motivation for learning the language. Because of this I have been fortunate enough to hear native spoken German regularly. When I started researching classes, it was a massive priority for me that my teacher also be a native speaker. I chose Language Excellence for this reason but also because Sibylle's response to my inquiries were very quick and professional, yet so very friendly and kind. And Sibylle's kind manner didn't stop at our email contact. She teaches with patience and nurtures her students, yet she keeps you focused and responsible for your own learning at the same time. Perfect balance! Personally, it had been over 14 ago since I had studied German in High School, when I began with Language Excellence. Starting up again was a nerve racking experience to say the least! But I found I made quick progress because of the support offered by learning in a small group and from an excellent teacher, alike. The small size class offered fantastic learning opportunities through repetition and partner work and as we all held a similar level of knowledge no one either got bored or left behind."
Barbara Davison
Private Online Student
"I was a novice. I did not know of any German classes. I found Language Excellence on the internet and it suited me well because I was reluctant to attend evening classes and travel all over Melbourne. With Language excellence I could have a regular individual tutorial on Skype. Sybille directed me to good text and workbooks and I had a written record of our conversations online to refer to. I was given regular homework and found the classes enjoyable. I managed very well in Germany and felt confident, using public transport, shopping, consulting the pharmacist and writing letters in German. The best part was not leaving home to learn."
Hayley Russell
Group Class Student
I have been learning German with Sibylle for just over a year, but I have been able to learn so much in that time because Sibylle is very passionate about the German language and teaching. The small class sizes mean you are able to have individual attention and a lot of opportunity to have an input.  Sibylle caters extremely well to everyone's differing abilities.  She is a very encouraging and supportive teacher who makes you feel comfortable enough to have a go at all aspects of learning.  She always gives comparative examples to the English language, which is extremely helpful.  She has extensive grammatical knowledge and is always eager to impart all that she knows to you in a friendly and fun way.  I cannot praise her warmth, enthusiasm and knowledge highly enough.
Rebecca Johnson
Group Class & Private
I took a mix of group and private sessions with Sybille over 2 years and cannot recommend her highly enough! I found it to be the perfect mix of written, oral, group conversation, grammar and vocabulary and I have improved so much in the time I have spent with her. I also find myself having the confidence to speak German with strangers which will be incredibly useful when I move to Berlin this year. Thanks Sybille!
Steven Raynes-Greenow
Online Student
I commenced working with Language Excellence in February 2011 with a very basic school knowledge of the German language. Since that time, having weekly tuition with language excellence, I have developed a much deeper level of understanding, completing the intermediate level which basically covered off all of the major German grammar. A recent trip to Germany confirmed the enormous improvement in my ability to converse with and read the German language. I chose Language Excellence because as a very busy business owner I could not commit to attending classes at a set place. Instead, the ability to have the weekly Skype lessons wherever I was at a set time suited me very well. Working with Sibylle has been very rewarding. Our classes are not just about the German grammar. Sibylle’s knowledge of German history and current events have intertwined with my grammar and vocabulary development. As Sibylle is a native German speaker, I have always been confident that I am learning the correct interpretation of the German language. I would highly recommend Language Excellence teaching as a very effective, interesting and fun way to develop your German language skills no matter what your desired level or goal.
Dr Mitzi Klein
Online Student
After completing my German studies at University, I was looking for a tutor to improve my speech and fluency, particularly with the aim of working at a professional level in Germany or Austria. I have been studying with Sibylle now for two and half years and cannot praise her enough. I live in rural Victoria and my lessons are mostly via Skype. I also work varied hours and Sibylle is always flexible but committed to ensuring I do not miss a weekly lesson.I really look forward to our lessons as the content is varied and interesting and usually involves current affairs, history, arts, culture, medical and workplace issues. We discuss practically everything! Sibylle is always encouraging and never makes you feel inadequate. As such, you always feel encouraged to try and do not worry about making mistakes. Somehow, she always manages to interweave grammar into the lesson and I find myself much more conscious of the “little things” that need improvement in my speech.Sibylle is a wonderfully warm, engaging person who is an excellent teacher and coach. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I wish I had found her ten years earlier.
Jeremy and Hannah Bennett
Private Students
"We took German classes with Sibylle for two years after coming across her Language Excellence website. Sibylle was quickly able to ascertain our German language skill level and then discussed our language goals, which was to achieve a professional standard of German before moving to Germany. We have different learning styles, but Sibylle presented the teaching content in such a way that both of us could learn efficiently. She provided excellent learning materials and was always happy give us extra assistance when we needed it. Sibylle has a strong command of both German and English and is very good at breaking down difficult grammar concepts so that they can be digested easily. As well as Sibylle’s professionalism in tuition we also enjoyed her warmth and friendliness, and looked forward to all our lessons. Not only did we learn a lot of German, consolidating the background we’d had at school, we also learned a lot about German culture, geography and history. Sibylle encouraged us in our plans to move to Germany, and after passing our Goethe Institut exams with flying colours (with her help!), we are moving to Germany next month! We would highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to begin learning German or, like us, wants to update their German skills after a lengthy hiatus from study."
Alice Hurley
VCE Student
“"I loved how you were willing to give up your weekend mornings to have a skype lesson with me. This took the hassle out of trying to find a time when I could get to you during the week and made the tutoring sessions possible! I already had quite a good level of understanding and confidence with writing and reading in German, however, when it came to speaking, all of the grammar rules kind of flew out the door! But with weekly sessions with you, where we could just chat in German and you'd correct me when needed, my speaking skills really improved. It was fantastic how you would direct me to find my own errors in sentences and guide me through correcting them, instead of just telling me what was wrong. Using Language Excellence, I was able to strengthen and enhance my understanding of the German Language and gain confidence in speaking. It really helped back up and re-inforce what I was learning in the classroom as well. I chose Language Excellence after hearing from friends who had participated in a workshop with L.E. the year before and loved it."”
Jordan Stacey
VCE Student
I only used Language Excellence for about six months, yet the advancement I made was outstanding. Language Excellence introduced me to new and complex grammar structures and vocabulary in extremely interesting and effective ways. I would recommend Language Excellence to anyone wishing to excel in languages and dedicate a large portion of my success in VCE language to their services. Sibylle is a strict yet friendly teacher, always keeping me on task while keeping me relaxed and engaged, and I only wish that I had encountered her sooner.
Michael Danicek
Group Class Student
I started German for absolute beginners with Sibylle with next to no previous knowledge. After 3 terms of classes I have a good basic knowledge of the language. I can now understand a basic German news article, and I found myself having a small conversation with a taxi driver in German. Great small class sizes, and a great teacher. Vielen dank Sibylle.
Sahra Beale
Group Class Student
Sibylle is a fantastic Teacher, over the past year I have learnt more than what I did in high school. She is more than happy to go at your own pace, and also explains how all the verbs, nouns and subjects work... making it easy to better understand. She also offers skype sessions if your heading interstate or moving, which are a fantastic idea! Thank you Sibylle for all your Help!
Sally Butler
Online Student
Sibylle shared her passion and enthusiasm for German through each trailer Skype session. I enjoyed every minute! Now I am able to speak, read and write for the purpose to communicate and travel
Layla Stanton
Private Student
"After living and working in Germany for three years, I was worried that I would forget my german language skills upon returning to Australia. I surfed the internet for possible tutors and was instantly attracted to the Language Excellence website because Sibylle's profile seemed very friendly and personable. She didn't let me down! As soon as I met Sibylle, I felt at ease. She is a wonderful tutor, who explains the language very clearly. Sibylle is a warm person and I feel very comfortable talking german with her, and don't worry about making mistakes... Since studying with Sybille I feel that my german grammar is more solid. This is what I was hoping to acheive when I started out, so I'm very happy!
James Schwarer
VCE Student
"German tutoring with language excellence improved my language proficiency in German tenfold. My spoken German showed the most improvement as the lessons i had each week gave me an opportunity to converse entirely in German with a great teacher and native German speaker. Sibylle made it as easy as possible to organise lesson times that suited me and even provide extra lessons or feedback whenever it was needed. She responded to emails as quickly as possible and had always not only marked and corrected, but given constructive feedback on any work that I had given to her. I originally chose Language Excellence because of it's proximity to my school and its low rates but found that in the end Sibylle was a better German teacher than any i had encountered at school and provided better constructive feedback than any other tutor i had encountered."