Autumn 2024 Timetable

Term 2 will commence after Easter 2024 for Higher Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced classes.
Our classes are capped at a maximum of 9 students for intense immersion and plenty of opportunity to speak.
10 weeks of language learning for $310.
All  group classes will be held in person in our St Kilda class room .
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Find The Right Class For You

If you are not sure which class is the best for you contact Language Excellence and we will assess your current level.
Group classes run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.
Monday and Friday are reserved for Individual classes.


How to order in cafes and restaurants
How to do some basic shopping
How to read the times and make appointments
Grammatical knowledge: prepositions, gender classifications and cases


How to speak about and describe education, clothing, hobbies, jobs, family
How to use proper adjective endings
How to have a discussion with various arguments and counter arguments


How to speak about the environment & express opinions in a hypothetical way
How to take active part in argumentative conversations

Joining Classes

It is possible to join a class at any time during the term but not if you are interested in a total beginner class.
We conduct a brief assessment to ensure you will find your best class option. Please contact Language Excellence for a telephone assessment.


Elementary Classes (A1): Netzwerk Neu, A1, Kursbuch and Übungsbuch , Klett Verlag
Intermediate Classes (A2): Themen Aktuell 2, Kursbuch and Workbook (English edition for English-speaking learners), Hueber Verlag
Advanced 1 Classes (B1/B1+ levels): Aspekte neu, B2, Klett Verlag
Advanced 2 Classes (B2 level): Aspekte neu, B2, Klett Verlag