Join us and Learn German with Language Excellence

German Language Classes and VCE & IB Tutoring
in St Kilda & Online

Fun & Engaging


We teach students with a varying levels of German (A1- C2).
Private & Group  classes available.
Private Classes available face to face and/ or online.
All group classes face to face, $310 for 10 weeks term.
For group classes see our timetable.
Gift cards are available if you would like to bring the joy of learning German to your loved ones.

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Learn & Consolidate

2024 Winter Timetable

German Group Classes for adults: Check out our current timetable.
Enrol now with native German speaking teachers and tutors in classes varying from 5-9 students.
10 weeks classes in class room, $310
Contact the school to find out which class is the right level for you.
There will be a new absolute beginner class starting 28 August.

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Skills & Proficiency

VCE / IB Tuition

With classes structured around the Australian Curriculum and tailored to High School students, we have the experience to guide you to your final VCE/ IB assessments.

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What Our Students Say

“I have been attending classes with Sibylle for over 3 years. She creates a supportive learning environment that makes learning a new language fun and very enjoyable. She is so knowledgable and furthers my earning in every session. I started classes as a complete beginner and now feel confident conversing with my family in Germany. It feels great to learn a new skill that challenges my thinking.”
Stephanie Baber
“Highly highly recommended! Leah is an amazing teacher who makes learning lots of fun! I was quite amazed at how much I actually progressed right from the beginning.”
Ezinne Udeh Martinez
“I first came to Sibylle struggling and falling behind in my year 11 German class. After 18 productive month, I am now in the top group of students in my class and I am extremely confident. We began by reinforcing grammar rules while simultaneously learning words specific to the topic at school...... In summary, I highly recommend Language Excellence for German tuition., I promise you will not be disappointed.”
Jeremy Graetsch
“Sibylle is a wonderful, respectful and professional teacher with a warm, friendly and disarming personality that puts you immediately at ease. I've been learning with Sibylle for over 12 month now and I am really enjoying my progress. I would recommend her very highly.”
Christopher Potter
“I had been going to Sibylle's class weekly for about 4 years. I have found the classes very helpful in building my foundations and confidence. I have definitely noticed the improvements over the last 3 visits to Germany. Sibylle's classes are super friendly, supportive and she is very patient catering to our needs. Highly recommended!”
Kim Ngo
“My Mum found Language Excellence about six month ago and I met Leah days later. I am completing year 12 later this year and my grades have improved dramatically und Leah's tutoring. My confidence in German- reading, writing, listening and speaking - has been greatly enhanced. Leah provides a lot of exam practise and individualised feedback that I just don't get at school. Leah is welcoming, encouraging and genuine. Thank you Leah so much!”
Laura Yeo
“Sibylle is a wonderful teacher who would take extra steps to make you understand the concept regarding the German Language. I had been looking to find a class where I am not one of like 20 or 30 students and I was really happy that I found Language Excellence. We have a group of 7 students and we all get special attention from Sibylle when required with a smiley face.......”
Ram Gopinath
“I came to Sibylle for tuition because I had lived in Germany for a year and wanted to improve what German I had picked up while I was there. Sibylle was able to narrow in my weakness and and tailor the tuition in a way that best met my needs. She was professional, patient and always made the lessons interesting by providing material that centred around my interests. Also, her deep knowledge of German an European history ensured that I was learning about cultural aspects as well...”
Winston Downes
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